A Spam Email

Ever get an email from the bank, or other business, which seems genuine?

Ever tempted to follow the links in that email?

Never, ever, do.

Always type in or use a trusted bookmark to go to the business website.

Below is an actual spam email received by me. It contained an html attachment, this will open in your default browser if clicked on.

On the right is what you see, in your browser, if you click open the attachment, seems legitimate? On the left is the code used, the pink text is the website you will actually visit, the bold black text says ‘www.lloydsbank.com’ that’s not where you will be going if you follow the link.

The other links work in the same way, you end up at a completely different and dangerous website.

No doubt you will then be asked to enter your log in details which gives the hackers your username, password etc. Your bank is unlikely to pay out in such cases for any loss.

Be careful out there it’s a wild world.


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