Smart Meters

Earlier this year we decided to have a smart meter installed. Yes I’d heard all the horror stories and yes I knew it wouldn’t be compatible if we changed supplier, but we intended staying with our supplier, British Gas, for the foreseeable future.

An installer attended. We didn’t know he was also going to look over all existing appliances with a magnifying glass looking for faults. He found two.

Dust on top of the boiler and slight scorch marks near a gas fire.

He turned off our gas.

We had to call National Grid who sent someone out who wouldn’t overrule the fitter, and as the supply was turned off was happy there was no risk! Not sure why they exist.

Tried to get British Gas Homecare to come out they wanted £79 for each issue before they’d even send someone out.

Contacted the company who had fitted our kitchen and bathroom a couple of years ago, thanks only to them we had a gas engineer out later that day. He checked and declared everything safe. We also arranged for him to so a boiler service and cap the gas fire at a later date, which he did. The fire was never used anyway so capping it solves any future issues.

Complained to the CEO office at British Gas who paid for the engineer and gave reasonable compensation for the issues.

We have now moved from British Gas and the meters are once more dumb meters, we had a nice display that told you how much energy you were using, that no longer works since moving. Our new supplier is offering to fit smart meters, I doubt we’ll bother just yet.

Question, who is financing this ridiculous political exercise?